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The French Association of Zoos – AFdPZ – was created in 1969 and currently includes nearly 80 of the most important French zoos and aquariums (including 42 EAZA members) which represents over 20 million visitors and more than 46,000 animals (among them 27% are mammals, 41% are birds and 11% are reptiles). AFdPZ members employ around 3000 qualified people and train more than 1,000 students each year. AFdPZ members manage 23 EEPs (European Endangered species Programme) and 15 ESBs (European Studbook).


In order to be accepted as an AFdPZ member, institutions are required to fill out our accreditation questionnaire, to respect the AFdPZ constitution and code of ethics, and to be supported by at least one active AFdPZ member (if not representatives of the AFdPZ board will visit the applying institution).


AFdPZ institutions are dedicated to nature protection by carrying out their official missions of Conservation, Education and Research as required by National and International laws.


AFdPZ is a member of EAZA, WAZA (World Association of Zoos and Aquariums), ISIS (International Species Information System) and since 2009 AFdPZ is also an IUCN member.




Amongst its activities, AFdPZ helps its members to apply the EU Zoo Directive 1999/22 implemented in French legislation through the national decree of the 25th march 2004 and thus enable them to act more efficiently for biodiversity conservation. In addition, the AFdPZ defends zoos’ interests in various areas (in cooperation with EAZA for some of them).




AFdPZ encourages the commitment of zoos to conservation, education, and research (including partnerships with universities and research institutes) through our commissions.


AFdPZ supports conservation through the donation of 46 276€ in 2013 to 8 Conservation programs around the world:

  • “Proyecto Mono Tocon” in Peru (San Martin titi monkey)
  • “Saguinus leucopus” in Colombia ( White-footed tamarin)
  • “Forest of Tanoe wetlands” in Ivory Coast (Roloway monkey)
  • “Seychelles White-eye recovery program” in Seychelles (White-eye bird)
  • “Help Simus” in Madagascar (Greater bamboo lemur)
  • “Iranian Cheetah Society” in Iran (Iranian Cheetah)
  • “Pantanal Giant Armadillo Project” in Brazil (Giant Armadillo)
  • Vulture Conservation Foundation in Europe

(4 vultures species)

All these programs were evaluated and accredited by a conservation committee make up of 10 people.


AFdPZ promotes zoos, the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable development to the general public and to legal authorities through education, media and by developing communication tools such as our website www.afdpz.org, AFdPZ newsletter “La Licorne”, Facebook page, and various interviews. The AFdPZ has also produced a film lasting a couple of minutes, in both French and English, in order to reinforce communication. It is mainly aimed at the general public and uses beautiful footage of animals in human cares expressing wild behaviors to show that zoos ensure the welfare of their wild animals and conservation.


AFdPZ is the official contact for the Ministry of Ecology and of the Ministry of Agriculture for the placement of animals coming from seizures


AFdPZ participates in professional meetings such as: the national commission for the certificate of capability for French zoo managers which is compulsory in order to have a zoo license, the revision of the French National Strategy for Biodiversity 2011–2020, the reviewing of the draft of the EU Zoo Directive Guidance and Good Practice Document for Implementation of the EU Directive 1999/22/EC and the Animal Welfare Committee in European Parliament.


AFdPZ is approved as a professional training organism to organize specific training (e.g. elephant training, ZIMS)


AFdPZ organizes training courses on husbandry of wild animal species, including animal welfare and security, dedicated to official zoo inspectors


AFdPZ has created professional cards which give all permanent employees of our members free access to AFdPZ zoos in order to promote and increase sharing of knowledge and good practices between institutions.


AFdPZ compiles all the data for the French list of available and wanted animals in order to help exchanges within the French zoo community and therefore maintain as much as possible of genetic diversity within populations in human cares.

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L’Association Française des Parcs Zoologiques a pour vocation de soutenir la mise en réseau des zoos français et de promouvoir la conservation.

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